Wake Me

Not far behind the horizon
Is the spring of eternal life
A single step in it's direction
Could mean the end to all my strife

But I believe I am not worthy
To show my face outside my cage
So if I die before I learn to fly
I will know it was my mistake

Rock the boat and end up swimming
In a sea that is not there
Enraptured by an ancient wisdom
That mysteriously does not err

But when the sun sinks into darkness
I feel as though the end is near
It could all end tomorrow
But nobody seems to care

Wake me 'cause I'm dreaming
And I don't ever want to go to sleep
Sleep is where the demon comes to
Take my life away!

All alone sitting in heaven
A single angel spreads his wings
He sings a song to keep us from drifting
But nobody hears him sing

Because Satan in all his madness
Whispers softly in our ears,
"There's nothing to be done here for you.
Let me make it perfectly clear."

Taal: Engels

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