Perennial Stream

When darkness come rushing and muffles your scream
Remember who it is that commands your dream
You find that you dislike the lead role
You just want to watch as the story unfold
Well put aside your blind pursuit and flow down
Nothing more can reach you once you drown
In the perennial stream

In the heat of your suffering you dish out the blame
Ignoring, denying that we are all the same
Everybody's busy with their own pain
Barking up the wrong three just playing the game
Well melt inside the one true light and feel no shame
Nothing more can break you once it burns you away
It's the perennial flame

There's more to learn than you may think
Build an island and the island will sink
Pave yourself a path and see where it may lead
But what you seek has forever been unseen

Each morning the sunlight signals the day
You've been given a chance to love what you hated yesterday
The sun is always shining just above you
Live in light or darkness that one's left up to you
A single breathe and all of this will quickly fade away
So find what makes you wiser and try not to go astray
Find a perennial way

Taal: Engels

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