No More

I never left. I never moved.
I never said goodbye.
Don't bury me. It isn't right
There's time to walk the line.
I might've moaned. I might've cried.
You never saw me die.
You challenge me. I will retreat.
Come up from behind.

No more wasting time
I was giving it away, giving it away
No more sleepless nights
If I'm giving it away, ain't giving it away for free

I never win. I never lose.
I never know the prize.
If you want to see me fall
Well I'm not surprised.
Show me love, show me hate
To me it's all the same
Lift me up or pull me down
I've only got myself to blame

So what if I don't compromise
And walk on by.
Just stop to think before you speak
Because I will reply
Been to the edge, I took the pledge
But never saw the light.
So now it's clear why I am here
Won't fade into the night

Taal: Engels

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