Lament In Eb Minor

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Slumber is for waking
Confusion sets you free
Let's say you had just one wish
What would that wish be?

And who'll be the first to laugh
Breaking pencils with his hands,
A million haunting images
He cannot understand?

Some dig deep for treasure
That's not so easily found
There's only one thing showing
When your head is in the ground

Some see only darkness
Some see only light
And sadly there are those who
Have yet to gain their sight

Some believe in numbers
Some believe in words
Some don't believe in anything
At least that's what I've heard

The universe is spiraling
But it doesn't matter now
The birth of new intelligence
Puts a rest to the unsure

So the business man is confident
And nature holds back tears
There's no more room for childhood
It's never been so clear

Speak to me I want to see
Just how far you've come
Sing with me I'd love to tear
Your melody apart

And did you feel it was the end
Right from the

Taal: Engels

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