Bye bye summer dream
The birds have taken flight
And I know that you'll be leaving me
In the stillness of the night

Goodbye friend.
Why should we pretend
I'll spend the winter wishing we
Could be together once again?

I used to sing your praise
Now I don't know what to sing
I could tell a million stories but
In the end they're all the same

Burn fire burn!
Until you burn the world away
But nothing truly disappears
'Cause nothing's really here

Just believe, just believe
Put your faith in what you will
But just believe

All of time and space
Wrapped in a giant ring
Believe me when I say to you
I don't believe in anything

The leaves have fallen now
Doesn't seem that long ago
That dealt brought from deep within
All the beauty there's to know

Taal: Engels

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