Walk through the fire with your legs,
Can't get enough of being selfish.
You'll burn your legs, who cares?
I don't care "?bout you anymore.

"¢ Fuck you, your burning

"¢ Shoot you, you're burning

"¢ Screw you, you're burning
"¢ Hate you, you're burning

you've lost your soul, you don't stand a chance,
you couldn't compete, you've lost the game.
What's your reason for living, earth is history
Die and rot in hell, you dirty skunk.

Do you fight the fire with your hands?
You're pathetic, I knew it.
Can't win the battle, we'll kill "?ya
You've lost it once I shouldn't try it

"¢ fuck you, you're burning

you will, need the concentration

"¢ shoot you, you're burning

what a crap, you can't beat us.

"¢ Screw you, you're burning
"¢ Hate you, you're burning

Our fire is stronger then your heart,
It stopped beating, are you dead yet?
You could use some serious medication
You're burning you're rotting, die in hell!

Taal: Engels