Sometimes they said that i was the crazy one,
an' sometimes they, told me that it can't be done.
An' sometimes i feel its time to think things over,
And you feel i do.

Theres only so much time, i hope its not too late.
You know im waiting
for-it-to-be said

Anyone whos anyone would tell you that ive been a fool,
and everything and anythink i never was allowed to do,
and now im doing anything to make a dream come true,
more for you can be done now you can be anyone

This time ill see the future in my hands,
and this time i know ill try to understand.
Coz' this time it seems the final act is over,
an' you can feel it too.

Bridge 2
And now the child had grown, and im left on my own,
you know im waiting for-it-to said


Taal: Engels
Stijl: Dance-Pop

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