Do Not Use If Seal Is Broken

I'm taking this time
To patch up my wounds
A time that I once took to bleed all over you
And now I'm sorry
I read the story
You should've noticed that the seal was broken
(Seal was broken)

These scars don't fade
This pain so great
Overdose on her to feel new, forget you
Refine my heart
Disregard my thoughts
Sacrifice my life in time to go under the knife

Accumulate the mess I made
Inside my head I retain
Delirious yet sensuous
I'll raise the glass to honor
Us in trust

Not all that shines is golden
In denial I can't be wrong
I've been searching for so long
These breaks you take we can't shake off
Knowing that I want you
I'm pouring out the blood that flows

The fires catching up to me
I'm still burning and smiling
Won't you be there with your hope to save me

You and me
We use to be so keen
Before we fired the shot that hit the heart
You and I
My accomplice in the crime
We're up and out before the sun is down
You and me
We always were at ease
Before the mirror of trust was broken by lust
You and I
We have nothing left to hide
These perceptions don't reflect the same

We hold down lies
Linked to this web
We fight
Trying to let loose all the untruth

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