Picture Perfect

All of this time
Guess I must've been blind
Not to see, you and me
We're picture perfect

Now baby we've been friends
For such a long, long time
We've been through laughs
And we've been through cries
But lately have you seen
The way my tongue gets tied
Can't hardly speak when I look into your eyes
It's because of the way I'm feeling
It's something I never dreamed
And our love has a different meaning
It took so long to reveal
But now I know it

All of this time
Guess I must've been blind
Not to see you and me
We're picture perfect
I should be yours
Baby you should be mine
Meant to be
Can't you see
We're picture perfect
I'm yours
Be mine
We're picture perfect
Forever, picture perfect

I showed some friends of mine
My favorite photograph
You know the one of
You and me from way back
And when I told them all
That you were not my guy
They couldn't see it
Couldn't understand why

Everyone thinks it's so romantic
They say we're two of a kind
And the more that I think about it
The more that I realize
What I've been missing


My heart keeps telling me
Make up your mind
Love's what you need
You've been holding back for too long
You know it makes good sense
The best lovers
Are the best of friends
I guess we should've known all along


fuente : Songteksten.nl

idioma : Inglés
Estilo : Teen Pop