Rocket Surgery

You've marched
To your pomp and your circumstance bravely
You're starched, you're a formal affair
And I can't breathe
You're smart, you know all those big words
And their meanings
But you aren't very good at remembering
Small things

You say that you love me, but I ask you how much
So you spread your arms wide 'til behind you
Your thumbs touch
And you hold that position as I add it all up
Oh, in cold hard mathematical terms
You're in love

So hold me, don't think too hard about it
Would common sense allow it?
You wait too long and you'll lose me
Just do it when you get the urging
Oh, it's not rocket surgery
When you know you love someone, it's easy

Your book heavy head is so weighted with deep thoughts
As you lay in my lap and we struggle with small talk
Try writing it down, but you trip on writer's block
So we just "hmmm mmm mmm"
On and on and on and on

We're a pair, you're smart, I'm romantic
Kiss like you care, your mouth is mechanical
Words are air, over my head they blow
So blink once if you like it
And blink twice if you don't
Three times, if you love it
And then just keep them closed



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