The sky went black
On a cold morning
The rain washed our pain
Your lips were frozen
As they were made of ashes.

Remember all you said...

Watching you laugh and cry
With a fake smile
You sit there all by yourself
By those gates of heaven and earth
In the search of the truth.

Do you remember the time
that I've went for you
In the great forest
Spending days and nights
By the lake of the black water.

I'm falling inside ,Your beauty
taking a good look of it all
Is this the last time of being
I cant forget the way you smiled to me,
Your breath was cold
And now there all gone to a place unknown

While the stars shining in my eyes
I've went there all by myselfz
And almost died...

Did we cried about this time
or Just was it a time to forgive
I try forget the misery
And I'm falling even deeper
Into sadness.

What will
I feel
If you tell me
"Leave me be"
Dont you know?
So much pain!
I come from a long way
In a search of your heart
Won't you let me in?
Is this my sin?
What will I do
And where will I go now?

Illusions never stops
Where are you to come my way?
To be in my arms
To embrace you once again
Wishing evrything will be true...


Language: english

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